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Announcing our athletic performance program

This spring we will be initiating our athletic performance program for middle school athletes. This is a co ed program developed to start our younger athletes in a long term athletic development (ltad) system that will continue throughout high school and into their college and adult years. Research has consistently shown that a well designed strength and conditioning program based on sound scientific and bio mechanical models will drastically improve performance and help decrease the risk of injury to young athletes engaged in high performance sport activities.

Athletes participating in this program will be evaluated using a number of movement screens and functional activities such as sprinting, jumping and multi directional movement. The results of the screening will help the coaches direct the training to enhance and correct these sport patterns while also improving general strength, mobility, and ground force application.

We will also be devoting time to on field activity to teach proper sprinting and acceleration mechanics, change of direction and deceleration which will have direct application to their sport.

We are excited to coach these skills as a strong, conditioned athlete will always have a better athletic experience and will be able to transfer sport skills more quickly and efficiently.

Coach McLean

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