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Wow What a week

Wow, Tiger Power week has come and gone. What a great week: A heat wave, a great group of athletes and a super job by all of the coaches. As camp opened, the first heat wave of the summer enveloped Tiger Hollow. 90' days on the turf made it feel like 115'. The kids sucked it up and peformed every day. We played with two awesome young guy teams and 4 older kid teams. We saw some NFL like performances from the players. Long pass and catch sequences, pick sixes, and vibrant spread offense concepts being used all day.

We really stressed our Rugby tackle - tracking concepts all week. We could see the boys beginning to understand how to attack the near hip and keep the head out of the tackle.

If we can continue using these skils at every level, we will see a dramatic decrease in head and neck injury along with a better tackle to hit ratio.

Our speed concepts were practced every day along with an agilty protocol that will pay off in every sport. Keep it up boys!!!

Thanks to all of the RYF coaches that promoted the camp, and every family that trusted our staff to teach your son. We will see you on the gridiron this fall

Coach McLean

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