Ct. State quarter finals  Ridgefield vs Westhaven

Coaching football the right way

Teaching how to ensure the most fun and the safest experience on the field 

Tiger Power Football Camp is back this summer
July 12-16.  After a year off, Tiger Power is excited to reload and rebuild our youth football players. We are looking forward to improving both the skill and the safety of every football player in Ridgefield 
Tiger Power is a unique experience for all of our kids.
 A non contact camp focused on our youth athletes           (8-13 years) , we will be instructing all of our campers in both football specific drills and exercises, including a full athletic performance clinic each day.  
Speed Development, acceleration, speed - agility training and performance enhancement will be conducted during the first block of the day.  We will then focus on football specific training with both individual skills and team concepts.
 Proper tackling and contact instruction will be conducted each day to ensure your son has the most advanced contact phase technique in the game.  We will stress proper body position, head placement and footwork in every phase of the tackle.  This will ensure a safe and fun transition to the regular season.  We will finish each day with games and competition to put everything together.  
As a non-contact camp. Your son will not need any football equipment, just comfortable training gear and cleats.