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The snow tells me its time for football!!

Well, if we go outdoors, it may not feel like football time, but the spring will be here soon and our preparation for the season will be "full go". After a very successful youth and high school football season, the game is still very healthy in Ridgefield. We , as coaches, have been working hard to learn the newest techniques and skills to help improve both performance and safety for our players.

Tiger camp is our platform for passing this down to our youth football athletes. We strive to build confident, skilled, and conditioned players that truly learn to love the game.

This year we hope to add a few wrinkles into our curriculum, further enhancing the mental aspects of the game. Our coaches are dedicated to developing an active thinking athlete as opposed to a robot player. We achieve this through game based activities where making mistakes is part of the process. We feel this helps the athlete become a thinker and improves the growth mindset of the child. We want to build jungle tigers not to zoo tigers!!

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